Top colleges in the USA for your Post graduation

Each year, crores of students from around the world choose the United States to pursue higher education. With the number of international students in the USA increasing each year, US universities continue to remain the most popular choice.

Here is a list of leading colleges in The United States in terms of academic excellence if you are planning to pursue a post-graduate degree. However, studying abroad, especially in a top college in the USA is not affordable to all. This is why opting for an educational loan can be the ideal form of funding your higher education.

Princeton University

Princeton University has long been the preferred educational Institute of choice for deserving candidates looking for a prestigious college education. As a leading member of the Ivy League, the university has a rich history and is ranked as the leading college in the United States. Princeton University can offer you an exceptional intellectual opportunity, thanks to its world-renowned academic environment. Students can major in a total of 37 different programs ranging from public policy, economics and history and learn from Princeton’s faculty of world-class scholars and teachers. A post graduate degree from Princeton will be expensive. An education loan can be the financial aid that could help.

  1. Harvard University

The oldest institution in the United States, Harvard University is one of the world’s most esteemed universities. Given its history, influence and wealth, it is the seat of higher learning and a private Ivy League research university. The university has 12 degree-granting institutes as well as the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study that provides a truly global education. It boasts of over 2400 faculty members, the most extensive academic library in the world’s known as the Harvard library, Harvard’s museums, and more for a truly holistic and all-around educational experience. Make sure to know the eligibility criteria of education loan before you avail one, if you wish to study at Harvard.

  1. Columbia University

Regarded as the oldest institution of higher education in New York, Columbia University is one among the top 10 universities in the world. It is organised into 20 schools and provides research centres outside the United States regarded as Columbia Global Centres. Leading Columbia alumni have been scientists and scholars who have made remarkable breakthroughs in physics, physiology and medicine and won Nobel prizes. The university also administers the prestigious annual Pulitzer prize. With the perfect score and an education loan, you can choose your elective and apply at Columbia.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Best known for its programmes in physical sciences and engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT is an educational behemoth with over 1000 faculty members. The university is organised into five zones that include architecture and planning, engineering, humanities, arts and social sciences and management. At the forefront of developments in artificial intelligence, climate adaptation, medicine and others, MIT researchers have been fuelling scientific breakthroughs including inventing the magnetic core memory, developing radars and building on the concept of an expanding universe. MIT has over 12 museums and galleries on campus and features stunning landmarks in a range of architectural styles. The tuition, fees and other education related expenses can cause a dent on your pocket if you get selected at MIT. Instead avail an education loan.

  1. University of Chicago

The University of Chicago offers popular majors such as political science and government, biological sciences, mathematics, quantitative economics, law, religion, sociology and more. It is a private research university that was founded in 1890 and today holds top-10 positions in a wide range of international and national college rankings. Numerous prominent and alumni have emerged from the University of Chicago, and it holds the honour of being a university with one of the highest concentrations of noble laureates in the world. Additionally, it has a substantial record of creating successful business authorities and billionaires.

If you are looking to enhance your education with a postgraduate degree, opt for an education loan that can meet your unique requirements. You can comfortably pay your tuition fees and living costs while progressing in your education without worry. You can opt for an online study loan with fast approval rates and minimal documentation.

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