A Complete Guide By Experts To Determine The Overall Cost Of Court Martial Conviction

As we all know,  a court martial is a trial or military court that is empowered to decide guilt of the members of armed forces that are subject to the military law. If defendant is found to be guilty, then a court martial decides upon their punishment.

Just like other such criminal trial court, here a judge presides while the prosecutors’ team faces the court martial lawyers in battle of proving as well as disproving guilt. A jury might determine both guilt as well as punishment.

Many citizens of Alaska are reputable members of armed forces. However, it very important to be represented by a reliable and dedicated Anchorage court martial lawyer in case you face a military trial. After all, a court martial has the power to destroy your family, future employment opportunities, as well as your good name.

The next query here made by most of the people is about the cost of court martial conviction. Well, it is important to remember here that no two members are going to face same cost of it. Each and every crime, verdict, as well as outcome will be different. Now, it is up to you to decide that which one is costlier choice? Is it hiring a reliable attorney or a guilty verdict?

Well, this article focuses on giving you real information provided by experts on average cost of court martial conviction. When you get convicted of criminal offense in military, you need to consider tangible as well as intangible losses. Let us know more about it in following sections.

Tangible losses

Tangible losses, as their name suggests, are physical assets that you are going to lose throughout your life as a result of conviction. The service member can lose a complete pension package along with missing out medical insurance for complete family.

Moreover, the average time duration spent in the prison is around 1 to 1.5 years and it might turn out to be even longer than that. So, it will result in loss of your income too while being incarcerated. Plus, if you have received enlistment bonus, then you will need to repay it.

Intangible losses

Everything in this world cannot be measured only in terms of money. For instance, your image to your family and friends will completely be destroyed after your conviction. After all, it will change how other people perceive you. They might not trust you in a way they used to once before conviction.

Most of the time, we take our valuable freedom for granted. After conviction, you won’t be getting any freedom. Can you imagine the time that will be lost in prison away from your family and friends?

A conviction can change you completely. The time you will spend in prison will change you as well. It is likely that your emotional health can suffer too.

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure you have an experienced and qualified court martial lawyer standing beside you and help you throughout this process.

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