Succeed as a student-parent – Tips to raise your child and continue your education

Can there be a single day like Global Day of Parents to celebrate the selfless nature and commitment of parents towards their children? All parents work extremely hard to help their kids succeed in their academics but what if the parents have their own academic accomplishments? There are several parents who are eager to obtain their university or college degree after they’ve given birth to their little bundle of joy. If you too are a mom who is pursuing your higher education, handling the daily chores of your baby along with completing your own studies is indeed a tough job to accomplish.

Student-parents have become extremely common these days as there is a trend among most parents to complete their education, no matter what. Being a parent is not just about preparing food or ordering the best newborn carriers to carry your baby safely or gifting it with all the joys of life. There’s much more to it. Here are few tips for student-parents to strike the balance between their education and parenting.

#1: Believe in yourself and you’re not alone

Regardless of whether you’re aware of the statistics, there are too many student-parents all over the campus; much more than what you may think. What are they doing? They’re extremely busy with their daily parenting chores, they’re busy raising their kids, studying, taking classes and burning maximum amount of their energy and time. Did you know that the University of Alabama even designed a program where they would help student-parents to handle their new load?

#2: Appoint trustworthy childcare

This is easier said and this is the biggest obstacle to achieving success as a student-parent. It is only when you’re sure about the fact that your kids are safe and happy in the childcare that you can concentrate on your classes. With the increasing popularity of student-parents, there are several campuses which provide child care facilities at a subsidized rate and even daycare centers. Ask your college authorities if they have one.

#3: Try to choose a school which offers support programs

In case your campus has anything like a Student Parent Center, go for that college. These centers usually assist the undergraduate student-parents to get the best child care, get in touch with counseling and also handle the loads of their course.

#4: Don’t set unrealistic expectations

Most of the universities and colleges set a practical expectation for the undergraduates who are childless. They usually have more time to invest on their studies as compared to the time had by a student-parent. Since you have similar energy as childless undergraduates, if you try to keep up with their energy, you will achieve success sooner. Hence it is vital to set goals that can be achieved.

Therefore, being a student-parent is indeed tough as you have to always juggle between your academic demands and the demands of your small baby. While it is not possible to compromise the needs of your baby for your studies, you have to know how to strike the right balance between both.

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