Data backup before the mobile phone repair is important

Some mobile phone shops promise to handle sensitive data safely while others recommend in advance. If you still can back up the data on your smartphone before putting it in the hands of third parties hand then it will be good for you. If you have backed up your data you should reset your phone to factory settings.

The most common defects on the smartphone

Statistically, most cell phone damage is caused by your own carelessness. Most often, the display breaks. The Cell Phone Repair costs of various damages depend on

  • The age of your cellphone model
  • The used spare parts
  • The nature of the damage
  • The display damage

The display is the largest and unfortunately the most vulnerable component on the smartphone. Damage to the display unit ranges from glass breakage to failure of the touch unit such as falls. In modern smartphones the touch screen, glass and frame are firmly connected. These are not so easy to separate. For this reason the complete display unit usually has to be replaced in the event of glass breakage or a broken touch unit.

The water damage

In contrast to display breaks water damage is less common. But the damage is even greater. Even small amounts of liquid are enough to put the sensitive smartphone electronics out of action. The specialist professionally cleans the components and then checks their function. But even they cannot guarantee a full functionality of the device after cleaning.If they realize that defective components must be replaced, you will receive a quote. And even if your smartphone does not work after the professional cleaning then you pay for the service.

Battery replacement

A modern lithium-ion battery in a smartphone usually has a lifetime of up to 5 years. Improper use or permanently too hot or too cold temperatures can reduce the battery capacity in the long term. Common battery problems are

  • Battery discharges too fast
  • Battery is charging too slowly
  • Battery does not charge at all
  • Battery gets hot or bloat
  • Smartphone turns off abruptly

Conclusion: Which insurance is available?

In many cases only the battery replacement helps. But since the battery is firmly installed in most modern smartphones the change is not so easy. The prices of a battery exchange for Android devices amount depending on the age of the model. Basically, the warranty of the manufacturer does not apply to damage to the smartphone that you have caused. If a third party is responsible for the damage it is their liability insurance covers the costs. Your household insurance pays only if the cell phone damage was due to these circumstances, housebreaking, apartment fire and tap water damage.

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