Study hacks to maximize your real estate exam prep

Making the most of your Ohio real estate exam prep before you take the test is very important – especially if your time is restricted you are trying to score well.

Are you studying in the most stunning way? Are there ways to be more successful with your time so you can spend more time planning your career switch to real estate?

Here are some of our best study tips that help during your real estate exam prep and pass your real estate exam.

Use a flashcard app

If you are little on time, a flashcard app on your phone can support you study on the go whenever you have little pockets of time. Use it during your travel, while you are waiting in line or even when you catch yourself absentmindedly looking at your gadget.

Here are a few famous flashcard applications:

Quizlet: This application also permits shareable flashcards, what they call “study sets”. You can also include pictures from their library to help aid your understanding and memorization. If you are more of a desktop person, you can make your flashcards from your PC and view them on your phone when you are on the go.

Studyblue: This application has crowdsourced study library. You can create your own flashcards, share them, and look for flashcards others have prepared. The free edition of the app, accessible for Android and iPhone, permits you to make your own quizzes and work without wifi.

Use an exam prep aid

One of the advantages of this real estate exam prep helper is that you can pick between 3 different learning style formats. Here are the 3 delivery choices you can expect from this tool:

Power format: This style replicates the exam environment. You do not view your answers until the end and you do not get commentary as you move via the questions.

Coach format: you get questions one at a time, answers quickly and a full explanation after every answer.

Pace format: As you go through the exam, the pace rises. This could be remarkable for you if you are trying to learn how to take test quicker.

Set a timer to help you focus

One of the most famous time management methods is known as Pomodoro technique. In this technique, you target for twenty-five minutes followed by a 5 minute break. That full set is known as Pomodoro. After the fourth Pomodor, you get a fifteen minute break. You can set a Pomodoro timer, or customize your own timer.

Set study goals

To make the most out of your study time it support to set goals. This could be goals on how much stuff you want to work through in a certain sessions or even goals around how targeted and attentive you will be when you are at your study workplace. At the end of your session, take a minute to review how excellent you did with your goals and set some new ones for your next study session. If you do not watch your progress it will be difficult for you to know if you are improving.

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