Online Education Options for Service Members

Obtaining a post high school education is often seen as the next logical step in today’s society. Whether you’re working on a 4-year degree, or getting technical training for certification, seeking to better yourself through higher training is a common goal among many people. Unfortunately, due to irregular work schedules, frequent relocations, and deployments, service members and their families can have a difficult time achieving this goal. The good news is more and more options are becoming available for service members and their families to pursue higher education. One of those options is getting a college degree online.

An online university for military service members and their families provides the convenience and flexibility needed to complete a post-secondary education. These institutions of higher learning usually offer 100% online classes, or a variation of online and in class sessions. The courses that have classroom instructions are offered in the evenings or on weekends to accommodate the schedules of working professionals. These universities will also have a Veterans Affairs department specifically designed to help service members, veterans and their families throughout their education. A strong military culture is instrumental in the educational success of service members. The VA department helps to get military experience and other training transferred into college credits which can reduce the time it takes to earn a degree. They help with the application process, while also helping the individual to understand the different education benefits and to navigate the process of using military tuition assistance. You will often find a reduced tuition rate available for members of the military.

These schools have so many tools in place to make getting a degree easy. The hardest part is choosing which college to attend. A good source to use to see which colleges/universities are the most military friendly is online schools. This sight evaluated over 500 institutions in 4 basic categories; military culture, online support, financial aid, and flexibility with emphasis on military culture and online support. Even though these schools do everything possible to create a positive experience, service members may still hesitate to enroll. Serving in the military is nothing like your average full-time job. Service members are on the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Adding college courses to an already busy schedule can seem daunting, but it is possible. The obligations of the service member make it equally difficult for family members to further their education. It is a good idea to do a self-assessment to ensure you are mentally prepared. The military wallet has some good tips for service members who are considering continuing their education. 

Serving one’s country is an honorable occupation that requires dedication and sacrifice. The men and women who make this commitment should not have to place their dream of furthering their education on hold. Thanks to the many colleges and universities that focus on creating military friendly online programs, service members and their families can turn those dreams into reality.

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