When it comes to competing for IITs, NITs, AIIMS etc., even those below 9 CGPA are not far behind. Many of these students too aspire for institutes of national fame. Two years is a period in which scores can be reversed and even below 9 graders may spring up a surprise. Role of coaching centres is very important for success in the grueling tests.After certain amount of research the following criteria were found to be failure-proof in choice of a coaching centre:

  1. Check the track record of the coaching centre

Experienced coaching centres have an edge. You have to know how old a coaching centre is and how skilled a coaching centre is in the art of turning mediocre students to extra-ordinary ones and that of grooming geniuses in the manner needed.

  1. Know about the lecturers and their qualification

This is one of the most important considerations while deciding about a coaching centre. The point is that good teachers have the ability to transform students entirely from non-thinkers to intense-thinkers.

So ask for a list of lecturers/ professors constituting the faculty along with their qualifications.

Presence of teachers in the faculty who have themselves, at some point of time, cracked such examinations is always a plus for the institute as well as for the students.

  1. Know about the fee structure and refunds

You may get a shock if you are not conscious about this aspect. Fees of coaching centres vary widely because many are new and many of these institutions are in the process of establishing themselves. In order to lure students discounts and special facilities are provided. But always remain concerned about your basic requirement.

Ask whether you will have to pay the entire amount at a time or in installments and whether you get a discount if you make the entire payment at a time.

Students dropping out after attending the coaching centre for few days/weeks is quite commonplace. So have a look at refund system as you zero in on a coaching house.

  1. Look at the seating arrangements in class

Coaching centres show you their class rooms, seating arrangements, lighting arrangements, discussion rooms and availability of other facilities like air conditioning, drinking water etc.

So, do look for good sanitation facilities as health plays a vital role in preparation for such exams as would require long sustained effort from a student.

  1. Does the coaching house have a system of classifying students?

Coaching houses have, over the years, taken to a system of classification of students. Either in the beginning or in the mid of the course somewhere, students, depending on their performance in weekly or monthly tests, may be classified. Best students are groomed in a different way.

Special sessions are held for them with advanced tips for cracking tough problems. Teachers of the coaching house take extra pains to conduct separate doubt-clearing sessions for the privileged batch of students.

Such a classification may be good or bad for a student.

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