What Are the Benefits of Pursuing a Degree in Nursing?

The field of nursing is a rewarding and highly respectable area of medicine. And the fact that it’s one of the fastest-growing careers in the world means there’s no shortage of jobs almost anywhere you want to work. Becoming a nurse might mean you share one of their common characteristics. For one, they are problem-solvers, meaning they are typically good at handling tricky situations. Primarily, however, they are often naturally compassionate and have a desire to ease others’ pain and discomfort. While some traits can be learned, this one may not be as easy to develop and should be a big part of any nurse’s personality. If you’ve been considering this noble profession as a career choice, here are just a few of the benefits that might help you make your decision.

Great income potential

Registered nurses make a median salary of about $71,730 a year. But because they’re in such high demand, certain specializations and areas of the world can pay quite a bit more. For example, a pediatric nurse can often make close to $90,000, and a mental health nurse can command six figures. Each of these specializations might require higher education than a bachelor’s degree. But many nurses pursue their master’s or doctoral degrees online through a respected program like Excelsior Nursing. They usually do this while already working in the field so they are getting on-the-job training as well as a good salary while they’re attending.

High demand

As a nurse, you can work almost anywhere in the world you want to. Obviously, there is a need for health care anywhere you go, but the primary reason is the huge shortage of people working in the field. Statistics show that we have close to 4 million nurses and midwives in the US, and we’ll need 1 million more by 2020. In fact, it’s estimated that more RN jobs will be available in the next few years than any other profession in the US. This is another reason that Excelsior College is a good choice for aspiring nurse.

One reason there’s such a high demand for nurses is the aging baby boomer population, the largest generation on the planet. Not only is this generation reaching the age of retirement and higher health care needs, many are also part of the nursing workforce in the same situation.

Flexible location

Because of the high demand in this field, you practically have your choice of working location. This appeals to many people because they realize if they were ever to move, they would still have no trouble finding a job without losing any income. Also, if they like relocating, they can even choose a career as a travel nurse, where they’re working in a different location every few months.

Travel nursing is a unique field within the profession. Travel nurses usually work for one company that staffs health care professionals in many locations across the US. These nurses get to choose their assignments based on what’s available at the time and usually make a higher salary than nurses who work in one place.

Fast career track

Nursing is a much faster career track than most other professions with comparable salaries. Many start out as licensed vocational nurses and then become registered nurses, pursuing BSNs (bachelor of science in nursing), or MSNs (master of science in nursing) online while they’re working. This allows them to earn a good living while furthering their education in a respectable program such as Excelsior College. It also gives them the peace of mind of job security and the ability to advance their career and salary with almost unlimited potential.

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